Teacher and Educator resources

Wildwood has a wide range of NC-linked teacher resources which can be used in advance of your visit, on the day or for follow-up work.


Primary School Key Stage 1 (Years 1-2)

All About Badgers – KS1

All About Beavers – KS1

All About Deer – KS1

All About Foxes – KS1

All About Frogs – KS1

All About Otters – KS1

All About Owls – KS1

All About Wolves – KS1


Primary School Key Stage 2 (Years 3-6)

All About Badgers – KS2

All About Badgers – Answers – KS2

All About Beavers – KS2

All About Beavers – Answers – KS2

All About Frogs – KS2

All About Frogs – Answers – KS2

All About Otters – KS2

All About Otters – Answers – KS2

All About Owls – KS2

All About Owls – Answers – KS2

All About Red Foxes – KS2

All About Red Foxes – Answers – KS2

All About Wolves – KS2

All About Wolves – Answers – KS2

Adaptation – KS2

Adaptation – Answers – KS2

Habitats – KS2

Habitats – Answers – KS2


Secondary School (Years 7-11)

Animal Facts Quiz and Answers

Wildwood Animals Crossword

Wildwood Animals Crossword – Answers

Zookeeper Maths Problems

Zookeeper Maths Problems – Answers 


Secondary School Resources: KS3-KS4

We have a range of worksheets to accompany activities on the day of your visit. These will be provided on the day by your tutor. At the moment we do not have any downloadable activity packs for KS3 or KS4. They will appear here in future.


A Level and IB Students

Worksheets for ecology days will be provided on the day by your tutor. See our conservation page for information packs on captive breeding and reintroduction, conservation grazing and large carnivore reintroduction.

Whether you’re a seasoned home educator or you’re just starting out, we have developed a series of worksheets and activities which are based on the National Curriculum and appropriate for your child’s year level. Be sure to check this page often, as we will continue to update it on a regular basis.


Education Packs

Download our Chough Education Pack which outlines some of the key topics of learning from the Chough Reintroduction Project for students in Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. Wildwood Trust and Kent Wildlife Trust offer workshops for all topics within this pack.



For further information, contact our Education department on education@wildwoodtrust.org or 01227 937451.

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