Wildwood Kent Park Map

Park map

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Get the most from your visit

Learn about the animals

The best way to see and learn about our animals is by attending a daily talk hosted by one of our experts. Talk times are advertised on our welcome board and on the chalkboard by the shop.


Respect the animals

We give our animals as natural a life as possible in authentic woodland enclosures. Some of our animals are shy and wary of humans, so try to be quiet around the enclosures and you will be more likely to see them.


Spot the animals

Many species in Britain are crepuscular which means they are much more active in the morning and late afternoon. If you have any difficulty spotting our animals, please ask a member of staff who will be happy to help.


Be safe

Wildwood is set in ancient woodland with some of the naturally occurring hazards found in wild places. Please be careful of tree roots and uneven ground, supervise your children at all times and do not stray from the path. Should you require any help or assistance during your visit, please ask a member of staff.

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