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Konik Pony

Equus ferus caballus

These are a primitive pony breed from Poland. They have stocky bodies, and relatively short height (1.3-1.4m, or 12-13 hands to the shoulder). They have a thick, black mane which can sometimes have lighter sections in it.

Their overall coat colour is termed “blue dun” and appears as a mousey grey colour with dark faces and legs. A black stripe along their backs, as well as occasional leg stripes make them easily distinguished from other horse breeds.

Konik Profile


Like all ponies, Koniks are highly social. Their feeding habits are useful for habitat management as they provide ideal conditions for other wildlife to thrive and increase biodiversity.

Konik Grass

UK Status

Konik ponies are now used across the UK for conservation grazing projects.

Konik Eating

Wildwood inside information

Since 2002, Wildwood has provided Konik ponies for conservation grazing projects in the UK. To find out more about Wildwood’s conservation grazing and habitat restoration projects with Konik ponies, visit our conservation page.


Extensively used for conservation grazing on nature reserves throughout Europe.


Ideal for wetland, or marshland grazing projects. Also used within woodlands.


Mostly herbaceous plants, like grasses.

Family facts

This primitive horse breed is used throughout Europe for conservation grazing due to its similarities with the now extinct European wild horse; the Tarpan.

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