Bear Cub Experience

For a limited time only, meet our rescued bear cubs, Mish and Lucy, with an exclusive behind the scenes experience at Wildwood Kent.

  • Help our keepers teach the bear cubs to use their senses and learn how to forage by scattering food in their enclosure.
  • Help build trust and positive relations with the bears, which gives keepers the ability to perform health checks, by hand-feeding them a selection of tasty treats through the enclosure wire.

Not only will the time you spend with our energetic bear cubs help them to become healthy and happy adult bears, but all money raised will go directly towards their rehabilitation and the cost of their forever home at our Wildwood Escot park in Devon.

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Arctic Fox Experience

Running between October and April, our Arctic Fox Experience allows you to get up close and personal with our two Arctic Foxes – Teddy and Flo. You’ll be granted exclusive access into their enclosure where you’ll learn all about the Arctic Fox and will be feeding them their main meal of the day.

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Bear Experience

Wildwood Bear Experiences are a unique opportunity to meet and learn all about Wildwood’s two rescued bears with exclusive behind the scenes access. Walk through the bears’ large enclosure to scatter a feed, before meeting the bears and giving them a treat in their smaller enclosure. Then let them out into their large enclosure, where they will sniff out and hunt down the scattered food.

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Wolf Experience

Wildwood Wolf Experiences are a unique opportunity to meet and learn all about Wildwood’s family of six European grey wolves with exclusive behind the scenes access. Participants will learn all about this intelligent species before getting up close to our pack and helping to feed them through the wire of their enclosure.

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Lynx Experience

Wildwood Lynx Experiences are a unique opportunity to meet Cara and Shria, our lynx sisters. Go behind the scenes to feed them their morning meal, before learning more about these beautiful cats.

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Photo Day

Wildwood is offering the opportunity to take close-up photos of our animals with our resident photographer Dave Butcher. You can see some of Dave’s photos in our restaurant and gift shop. Photographers of all skill levels will have the chance to get close to and photograph British animals, with Dave on hand to give help and advice on how to get those special shots. Different animals will be photographed across the day, with animal feeds for the more elusive animals to help you get close views.

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Night/Twilight Tours

Night/Twilight Tours are VIP guided tours that coincide with the full moon, giving you a chance to encounter our animals in a new light.

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Junior Keeper

Find out exactly what it’s like to look after wild animals with our Junior Zoo Keeper Experiences. Aimed at children with a keen interest in becoming a zoo keeper or working with animals later in life. Participants will go behind the scenes at Wildwood for an introduction to the world of the zoo keeper and will learn how we make sure that our animals are well fed, interested and cared for.
During the morning (10am – 12noon), the Junior Zoo Keepers will distribute a feed and meet an animal. Other skills learned include how to make an animal’s life more exciting, tool use, animal feed preparation and basic health and safety.

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