Wildwood Trust has been supporting the reintroduction of beavers back to the UK since 1999 when our charity pioneered the first beaver release into the UK in conjunction with Kent Wildlife Trust. Wildwood Trust has since supplied a number of genetically diverse and health screened beavers to sites in Scotland. Beavers were first introduced to Knapdale Forest in April 2009 through the Scottish Beaver Trial. After 10 years of unregulated culling, law-makers have now recognised the ecological benefits of the beaver reintroduction, including increasing biodiversity and reducing flood risk.


Peter Smith, Wildwood Trust Director said:

"Today is a momentous day as beavers get full legal protection in Scotland. Wildwood has worked for over 20 years with groups to make this happen. Our friends in the Scottish Wild Beaver Group have shown what a small band of dedicated activists can achieve with hard work and determination. A proud day to celebrate the wonders of beavers - time to take stock and redouble efforts to protect beavers in England!"