Living History Sessions

Immerse yourself in the past at Wildwood!

Throughout history, woodlands were vital for human survival, providing everything from timber, shelter and food to clothing, medicines and dyes.

Genuinely hands-on, our Living History sessions allow pupils to try out authentic historic activities. Examples include weaving, tracking, preparing food and lighting fires.

Led by tutors in appropriate historical costume, each session is held outdoors in our woodland surroundings, creating an unforgettable experience

Choose from the following time-periods:

  • Stone-Age
  • Saxon
  • Viking
  • Medieval

Living History sessions last 1 hour.
To allow sufficient space for activities, Living History sessions take a maximum of 15 pupils.
Each Living History session costs £20

For further information, just contact our Education Department on or 01227 209620.

History Tours

While half a class undertake their Living History workshop, the rest can enjoy a special History Tour around Wildwood, to discover how people from that particular time-period interacted with British animals.

  • Stone-Age – revealing animals that survived the Ice Age and how we know!
  • Saxon – discover which animals represented rebirth, strength and royalty
  • Viking – hear legends from Norse mythology featuring some unexpected beasties
  • Medieval – learn bizarre medical beliefs and fables that are still part of modern life

History Tours last 1 hour.
Can be booked for up to 15 pupils at £20
Or for up to 30 pupils at £40.

Special Package
1 Living History session and 1 History Tour, both for 15 pupils, at a total cost of £35!