In partnership with Kent Wildlife Trust, Wildwood is assisting with a new and exciting initiative to restore natural processes to the Blean by providing large grazing animals including the European bison Bison bonasus and wild boar Sus scrofa. Bison will create woodland glades by ring barking and rubbing against trees and wild boar will rootle through the soil, uprooting vast patches of vegetation. This will allow sunlight to reach the ground and stimulate the seed bank, creating a more diverse flora mix. These processes will create a mosaic of habitats, restore valuable habitat structure and in turn boost biological abundance. The bison and boar will be introduced to a 55-hectare enclosure within the Blean and extensively monitored, providing a valuable insight into their effects and interactions on the ecosystem. The neighbouring enclosure, approximately 255 hectares, will inhabit ‘proxy’ species such as longhorn cattle and tamworth pigs. This project is a fantastic opportunity to explore the ecological impacts of a range of large herbivores.

For more information on the project please CLICK HERE to visit Kent Wildlife Trusts website.