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Wildwood Kent
Wildwood Kent

Soay Sheep

Ovis aries



Small (25-40kg), hardy breed of domestic sheep. Normally brown in colour (ranging from tan to chocolate), with lighter faces, underside and rumps.


Descended from a population of feral sheep found on the Scottish Island of Soay. Have since been transported to other UK islands and mainland UK.


Often used in conservation grazing schemes in woodlands, hillsides and rocky areas due to their hardy nature.


Vegetation, grasses, legumes and forbes being ideal.


Herd animals, with a group of sheep known as a “flock”. The flock is led by a dominant individual (normally a ram), and rams assert their dominance over a single group of ewes (females) for mating rights by fighting.

Did you know?
  • Soay sheep shed their wool naturally, so there is no need for shearing.
  • Soay sheep are resilient to a lot of ailments that affect other breeds of domestic sheep such as parasites and foot rot.