Wildwood Trust opened in 1999 as a centre of excellence for the conservation of British wildlife, and was established as a registered charity in 2002. Wildwood is Kent’s best British wildlife park. Home to over 200 native animals, past and present and set in 40 acres of beautiful ancient woodland where visitors can see bears, wolves, bison, deer, owls, foxes, red squirrels, wild boar, lynx, wild horses, badgers and beavers plus many more.

As one of the leading British animal conservation charities in the UK, Wildwood Trust is dedicated to saving Britain’s most threatened wildlife. Wildwood Trust have taken part in many ground-breaking conservation programmes to date, which include, saving the water vole, using wild horses to help restore Kent’s most precious nature reserves, bringing the extinct European beaver back to Britain and returning the hazel dormouse & red squirrel to areas where they have been made extinct.


Wildwood’s Mission

Protecting, Conserving & Rewilding British Wildlife

Wildwood’s Vision
  1. To bring the joy of British wildlife to the public through enriched and natural, immersive animal exhibits and effective engagement with our visitors and members.
  2. To inspire through education, communication and training the understanding and practical conservation of British wildlife.
  3. To operate commercially successful visitor centres that generate funds to support the charitable mission.
  4. To lead in native species conservation and rewilding programmes.
  5. To reverse the loss of biodiversity.
  6. To support research that furthers our mission.
  7. To advocate for policies, economic systems and lifestyles that promote rewilding and the enhancement of ecosystems.
Wildwood’s Values

Our Values set out how we work with each other inside the Charity and with those outside the Charity.

  1. We are passionate about British Wildlife and its protection.
  2. We inspire people to care about and to feel connected to the natural world
    and to understand its history and its practical conservation.
  3. We value and our employees and volunteers and nurture their development
    and wellbeing.
  4. We value professional partnerships and collaborations to achieve our mission.
  5. We strive to engage with every visitor to Wildwood and encourage their support of the mission.
  6. We are ambitious in our plans to make a positive, measurable difference to British Wildlife.