Come join us at Wildwood to celebrate the most spooky time of the year. To assist our community in preventing the spread of COVID-19, we will not be offering a full range of activities or providing animal talks, but there are still lots of safe and socially-distanced activities to enjoy:

Pumpkin Carving Contest – Thursday

Bring your carved pumpkins in before or on Thursday 29th October and make sure to leave a piece of paper inside with name and contact details. The winner for the best design, chosen by our admissions team, will win an Arctic Fox Experience for two. We’ll then feed all of the pumpkins to our animals over the following days.

Spooky Trail

Wildwood is infested with ghosts. Can you find them and solve the mystery for the chance to win a special prize?

Potion Making Days – Tuesday and Friday

Take a lesson in potion-making with our resident wizard Cornelius Cobweb. Mix together ingredients such as Powdered Unicorn Horn, Crushed Beetles and Nightshade Essence. Take your potion home with you – but don’t blame us if you turn into a toad…

Bushcraft Days – Wednesday and Thursday

Bushcraft isn’t simply messing about in the woods; it is a fascinating learning opportunity for all ages with strong links to science and history, in particular. Are you a family that likes to have fun outdoors and learn something new at the same time? Then bushcraft could be for you.

Book your visit to Wildwood on our website to coincide with a particular event. When you enter the park tell the shop that you want to do either potion-making or bushcraft as a family or social bubble, and they will give you a time slot. The sessions will last 25-30 minutes, allowing for a hygienic change-over. One family or social group of 5 people or less can participate at a time, and slots will be available on a first come first served basis only. DON’T FORGET YOUR FACE COVERINGS.

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